3 Ways To Maintain The Windshield On Your Car

3 Ways To Maintain The Windshield On Your Car

37737821_sWhen you are driving in the winter weather there are many things to be considerate of. Most often people are thinking about their tires when driving in winter weather. This concern definitely warranted as many things can influence how safe your car is on the road with regards to tires.

For instance, if your tires do not have enough tread on them, your car could slide around on a slippery or wet road. Also, the cold temperatures have an impact on the air pressure of your tires, which could lead to your car being unsafe when driving in winter conditions.

But, one very important part of your car that most people don’t think much about – until there is a problem – is the windshield. In fact, the windshield is a very important safety feature of your car and also quite vulnerable to winter weather and cold temperatures.

No one really thinks about driving a car that doesn’t have a windshield. The windshield has become thought of as much of a part of the car as the engine but, when the windshield becomes damaged due to the cold weather or another reason, it can leave you basically driving without a windshield.

Here are some ways to prevent your windshield from becoming damaged this winter:

  • When you can, keep your car parked indoors during the winter months. Keeping the windshield at a consistent temperature will help to prevent any expansion and contraction of the glass, which can weaken it and lead to a crack.
  • If you have to keep your car parked outdoors try and keep it under a carport. If that is not possible, put an insulated windshield cover over your windshield to protect it from snow, frost, and ice.
  • When you scrape your windshield, make sure to do it only with an approved ice-scraper. While desperate times call for desperate measures, scraping your windshield with something like a plastic CD case will scratch the glass and could leave a knick or puncture.

Driving safely is an important priority all year around. During the winter months it is especially important to make sure that your car and all of its equipment are safe and working properly. This means keeping good care of your windshield.