4 Reasons Your Car’s Heater Is Failing

4 Reasons Your Car’s Heater Is Failing

As the seasons change, you’ll likely be adjusting your car’s air conditioning on the way to school, work, or gathering. To avoid having a cold drive to wherever you’re going, be sure to check your car’s heater for any issues. There are four main reasons your car’s heater may be faulty, so be sure to keep these in mind.

1. Broken Thermostat

Thermostats have changed how we warm or cool ourselves off, including in the car. If your thermostat can’t accurately adjust to your needs or is shut down entirely, you’ll need to visit an automotive shop to repair or replace it.

2. Poor Wiring

Your vehicle’s wiring can make a significant difference in how it regulates the temperature. Faulty wiring could cause problems with your car’s HVAC system, meaning your heater may not operate when needed. An automotive expert can look into the wiring and determine the problem’s source.

3. Clogged Heater Core

Your car’s coolant system can become infested with various dust, dirt, and debris. When ignored for too long, you can clog the heater core, preventing your car from heating up when you adjust the controls. Clear out the clog if you can; otherwise, contact a trained professional to handle it for you.

4. Bad Heater Fan

Your heater fan is the actual part that blows heat from the heater core through your vents. If the fan itself is damaged, or if you’re having electrical problems, your fan may be the reason you don’t feel any warmth.

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