4 Signs It’s Time for an Engine Overhaul

4 Signs It’s Time for an Engine Overhaul

Have you ever wondered what’s involved in an engine overhaul? Many people think it sounds extreme and don’t realize how a comprehensive rebuild can restore worn out engines and extend the useful life of your vehicle. Here are signs it might be time for an overhaul.


You’re Using More Oil

If you have low oil pressure and seem to be consuming much more than normal, it’s never a good sign. Oil keeps your engine lubricated and it might leak through broken piston rings, damaged valve guides and aging bearings.


You Hear Strange Noises

If your engine doesn’t sound like it used to, it’s crying out for help. Rattling sounds might emanate from broken piston rings. Knocking can indicate there is too much clearance between a piston and its cylinder bore. If your engine chatters, there might be problems with the valve train.


Spark Plugs Show Black Deposits

If you pull out your spark plugs and they show damp, dark discoloration, you may have decaying piston rings or need to replace your intake valve guides. Both situations can allow oil to seep into your combustion chamber.


Compression Loss

When your engine loses compression, there’s a possibility of a blown head gasket, failing cylinder bore, worn exhaust valves or other internal problems. At Ken Scales Automotive, we can conduct a compression test to check the pressure between cylinders.


What If You Find a Problem?

Many vehicle owners think if their engine has a problem, they fear repairs will be too expensive and their only option is to trade it in. If you trade your vehicle when it has problems, you will likely get less than it is worth. Payments on a new vehicle might be higher than your current payments, and vehicle insurance almost certainly will be. Instead of trading it in, find out how we can help. An engine overhaul restores aging systems to give your vehicle new life so you can enjoy it for years to come. Contact us today to find out more.