4 Spring Time Maintenance Checks For Your Car

4 Spring Time Maintenance Checks For Your Car

14814927_sWeekend road trips, visiting out of town friends, and family vacations are all fun parts of the spring and summer months.

The harshness of winter has been slowly passing the last few weeks, and we have even seen a little bit of sunshine poking through the clouds. With the temperatures starting to rise, it is getting near that busy time of year when we all pull out the gardening supplies, gas-up the lawn mower, and buy storage boxes in bulk for organizing and cleaning.

Things like making sure the wipers are working well, the windshield is undamaged, and the tires are not bald are all good boxes to check off the list. But, it is also important to make sure that everything is in place for optimum fuel-efficiency.

Here are some tips for making sure that your vehicle has maximum fuel-efficiency:

  • Don’t bother filling up with the high-octane gas at the pump (unless your car specifically requires it). The more expensive gas doesn’t do anything to improve the performance of you vehicle.
  • Park your car in the garage as much as possible. Keeping your car indoors will help to prevent any wear and tear damage from the harsh outside temperatures. Even if you only have a carport, any cover you can provide your vehicle is better than nothing.
  • Make sure to check the air in your tires now that the cold temperatures have all but passed. During the cold winter temperatures the air in your tires will be reduced so, it is important that once the weather warms up your tires are double-checked.
  • Take your car in for a tune-up soon, and especially before the spring and summer seasons are officially here. Jumping in the car for an extended road trip without first making sure that your car or truck is in good shape could put you in a sticky situation.

Before all of those spring cleaning tasks get underway, make sure to use this time of year to get your vehicle mechanically prepared for all of those fun summer trips. It is easy to let this task get away from you amidst all of the spring cleaning busy-ness, so it is better to do it now before the spring time is officially here.