Cold Weather Car Washing Tips

Cold Weather Car Washing Tips

Washing a car during cold weather might seem nonsensical, but sometimes it’s necessary. Slush can turn into mud that sticks to your car, and road salt can cause rust or corrosion. Being able to wash your car can keep it clean and safe during the winter months, and give you a head start when summer rolls around. How do you do it correctly, though?

Use Warm Water

It may seem like you should use the hottest water you can to melt the snow and keep your car from freezing over. However, hot water is a bad idea for your car; it can make cracks get bigger and harm the glass. Using warm water is fine, however.

Find a Nice Day

In the winter, it can be hard to find a nice, sunny day to go out and wash your car, but the weather doesn’t need to be perfect. If you have a chance to go out when the weather isn’t freezing, you can wash your car without worrying about the water turning into ice.

Keep Yourself Warm

This may go without saying, but keeping yourself bundled up and shielded from the elements is necessary when doing anything in cold weather. This is especially true here because you’re working with water, which will likely get on your clothes at some point. Wear layers, and go for waterproof coats, gloves, and boots.

Use a Garage

If you don’t have to wash your car outside, don’t. Instead, you can do the entire process in a heated garage and save a lot of trouble.

Call Ken Scales Automotive

As temperatures drop, your car will likely be facing a lot of problems. If those problems go beyond needing a wintertime wash, you should bring your car to a professional. Ken Scales Automotive can help you repair any car issue you may have, so contact us today to learn more.