Essential Vehicle Maintenance This Winter

Essential Vehicle Maintenance This Winter

Winter can wreak havoc on vehicles, and all owners should know how to prevent the common winter issues that plague drivers. Taking the time to arrange a tune-up or inspection before winter is a great way to save money and frustration, but there are also things you can do during the winter that can help preserve your vehicle during the colder months.

Check Fluids

Have a mechanic check your vehicle’s fluid levels, including brake fluid, coolant, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid. These are essential to proper vehicle operation in cold weather. Another crucial fluid is your motor oil. Synthetic oils flow more easily in colder temperatures, and most modern vehicles allow hybrid-synthetic or full-synthetic oil.

Inspect Your Brakes

Your vehicle’s brakes are a crucial safety feature that require your attention. Winter roads covered in snow, ice, and slush can be major hazards for vehicles with worn-out brakes, potentially preventing a driver from slowing or stopping to avoid an accident. 

Check Your Battery

Warm weather will take a toll on your vehicle’s battery, and fall to early winter is the most common time for drivers to experience battery failures. A mechanic can help you replace a dead or dying battery, or you may want to investigate maintainers or trickle charges to ensure your car starts up when you need it to.

Protect Your Car’s Exterior

Winter weather can damage your vehicle’s paint job and cause a host of cosmetic issues. You can prevent exterior damage by learning proper washing and waxing techniques. The right protective coating can preserve your paint job and prevent costly exterior damage. It is also important to regularly wash your vehicle in the winter to clear away road salt accumulation and dirty ice.


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