How to Protect Your Vehicle’s Paint from Summer Sun

How to Protect Your Vehicle’s Paint from Summer Sun

Summers in Oregon tend to be mild, but the sun can still do quite a bit of damage to your vehicle’s paint job. The team at Ken Scales Automotive wants to help our customers in the Medford area get the most value out of their vehicles by learning how to protect them correctly through all seasonal weather. As we head into the summer, consider the following tips for protecting your vehicle’s paint job.

Wash and Wax Often

One of the best ways to keep the sun from damaging your vehicle’s paint is to keep the vehicle’s exterior as clean as possible. While the Pacific Northwest tends to be one of the rainiest places in the country, you cannot count on the rain to keep your car clean. Rainwater contains traces of dirt that will dry onto your vehicle.

Washing away dirt and dust from your vehicle’s paint helps prevent the sun from damaging it. As the sun bakes dirt and other debris into your vehicle’s paint job, it strips it away in tiny places, eventually creating corrosion or even paving the way for rust to start accumulating. A good guideline to follow is to wash your vehicle once a week or after it becomes very dirty.

Take Care of Your Vehicle Before Letting It Sit

If your vehicle is outside during a heavy storm and you don’t plan on driving for a few days, it’s probably a good idea to wash it off and apply a coat of wax, so it’s not sitting in the sun with dirt baking into the paint. You can find many types of waxes, so consider trying a few different types to see what kind of wax works best for your vehicle.

Waxing acts as a buffer between the dirt your vehicle encounters on the road and the vehicle’s paint. Wax makes it much harder for dirt and debris to stick to your vehicle, and this helps prevent the sun from baking it into your paint and ruining the finish.

At Ken Scales Automotive, we want to keep your vehicle looking and performing its best. Contact us today if you have questions about protecting your vehicle’s paint during the summer or to schedule any other work you require on your vehicle.