Identifying a Leaky Heater Core in Your Car

Identifying a Leaky Heater Core in Your Car

The heater core is crucial to your car’s heating and cooling mechanism. As the colder months approach, your car’s heater core comes into play, heating the air entering your cabin. But, a faulty or leaking heater core can hinder this process, making it challenging to maintain a warm interior. It’s vital to recognize the symptoms of a heater core issue and seek professional help for timely repairs.

Detecting a Heater Core Leak

  • The Presence of a Sweet Odor Inside Your Car – A sweet aroma from your car’s vents often signals a heater core leak. This scent usually originates from radiator fluid, indicating possible coolant leakage into your car. Additionally, if this smell lingers around the exterior of your vehicle, it may be due to coolant seeping out underneath.
  • Cold Air Instead of Warm – If your heater core has a crack or hole, the warm air might escape before it entirely travels through the heating system. The temperature of the air blowing into the cabin – warm, tepid, or cold – depends on the size of the heater core damage.
  • Excessive Use of Coolant – Noticing an increased need for coolant in your car might indicate a heater core leak. A malfunctioning heater core can cause coolant to seep into your vehicle’s cabin, leading to misted windows. Sometimes, you might even find a coolant puddle near the passenger-side floor, especially when the vehicle is unused.

Local Solutions for Heater Core Problems in Medford

Facing a leaky or malfunctioning heater core during winter can be troublesome. For proficient heater core repair services, you can rely on Ken Scales Automotive in Medford, OR. They offer convenient appointment scheduling through their website for timely and effective solutions.