Jumpstarting a car without getting hurt

Jumpstarting a car without getting hurt

Using jumper cables

using jumper cables automobileOne thing every vehicle owner should know how to do is jump-start a car. You never know when you or someone you know may run into an unexpected problem, so it pays to be aware of the basics. There are few things worse than being stranded on the open road with no help in sight, or having a stranger come to your aid only to find they too are unaware of how to properly jump a dead battery. Let this be a lesson in safety and jumpstarting 101.

First things first, you are dealing with a very dangerous device. The amount of volts your car is capable of producing when turned over is far more than fatal, so always exercise proper caution when performing this service. That means wearing a quality set of rubber gloves to prevent electrical shock, as well as staying thoroughly grounded. Many people mistakenly assume they can simply hook up their jumper cables in whatever order they please, but this is exactly what causes those life-threatening injuries.

A step by step guide to jumpstart your vehicle

Before anything else, make sure the jumper cables you are about to use are not cracked or frayed, as these pose obvious safety hazards. A quality set will have thick rubber insulation on the both the wires and the cable handles. Park both vehicles next to one another so that the cables will reach, and then turn off the ignitions. To err on the safe side, you will also want to engage the parking brakes, especially if on a slope. Always attach the positive cable first (the red + one), followed by the negative (black -).

Hook up both ends to each vehicle instead of connecting both to one car at a time. Wait a few minutes before attempting to start your car. Do not be surprised if it does not crank over right away, and avoid frying the starter by allowing more time for the battery to charge. You can rev the engine on the other car to speed up the charging process a bit, but it is better to wait a few moments. Once you finally get your vehicle to run, proceed to disconnect the jumper cables in the reverse order! The last thing you should do is have your battery tested by one of the professionals at Ken Scales Auto!