Road Trip Childproofing Tips For Your Summer Vacation

Road Trip Childproofing Tips For Your Summer Vacation

25535362_sNow that we are well into the summer months, many families are gearing up to hit the road and take a trip together.


Road tripping in the family van is a past time that goes back years, and most people remember these trips fondly.


Part of the vacation happens inside of the car while traveling … and part of it happens once you get to your destination.


But, just like you try to keep your kids safe while at home, you need to keep them safe while you are road tripping.


Here are just a few ways that you can childproof your road trip:


  • Schedule a tune-up for your car. To make sure that your family doesn’t end up stranded on the side of the road, make sure that your car is in top condition for road tripping. A full tune-up will include oil change, tire pressure checked, fluid levels topped off, and any other maintenance that your car is due for.
  • While a vacation trip is exciting, you have to make sure and get a good night’s sleep. Trying to drive for several hours on only a few hours of sleep will definitely put your road trip in danger.
  • Make sure that your car seats and booster seats are still the appropriate size and setting for your kids ages. Kids grow so fast, they could grow right out of their car seat in a flash – you may need to purchase the next size up or adjust the straps and settings before you leave.
  • As you are packing the car, make sure you have bottles of water, dry goods, and a first aid kit just in case something happens. Keep your cell phone fully charged, and in places where you will be without cell service, consider texting or calling a family member and let them know how long you will be without service, where you are, and that you will contact them when your service is reestablished. That way, if you blow a tire or something and can’t call for help, your family member can use their best judgment to send in the cavalry if you haven’t contact them at the agreed upon time.


Make sure that you and your family have a great road trip by following these simple steps for safety. Get your road trip childproofed and get to your final destination safely!