What Does a Carburetor Do

What Does a Carburetor Do

You may have visited an auto repair shop and asked what could be done about your vehicle. A technician will check everything from your tires and engine to the carburetor, the latter of which many don’t realize is an essential component of your vehicle’s functionality. We’d like to discuss what exactly a carburetor does and why you should have yours checked every once in a while.

The Main Role

Carburetors are tubes that allow air and fuel to enter your car’s engine through valves, which mix the two substances for various tasks. In other words, it saturates air with fuel, allowing your fuel to burn properly and keeping your car moving. Fuel plus air allows motion, and mixing air with the fuel you put into your vehicle allows you to be able to drive in the first place.

How Carburetors Work

More specifically, carburetors add fuel into the air that is passed through the device, which is a tube. Carburetors only add enough fuel that burns just the right amount to power your vehicle. Most vehicles today are created with a fuel injection system, which measures these amounts more accurately and results in less pollution. However, carburetors are still an essential component of vehicles to ensure fuel is burning at the most reliable rate.

Common Carburetor Issues

The carburetor might be the source of your vehicle’s issues if your car won’t start, your engine overheats, or you notice black smoke coming from the exhaust pipe. Should your carburetor use too much or too little fuel, you can experience a wide range of issues since your car isn’t mixing air and fuel at normal levels.

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